Friday, August 3, 2018

WALT about change in science

18 Dancing raisins

Platinum and Bevan

Change question: Why does gravity change and make the raisins go up?

Prediction: We think the raisins will rise. Go up and down.

Observations: They started to bounce up and down.

Video link:

Conclusion/ Answer to your question:
Why does the raisins change solid when you take them out of the fizzy.

Bevan grabbed a tall clear cup with Miss Nicola in the staffroom. Then Bevan grabbed the sprite and
raisins and dashed outside the classroom and waited for me. So me and bevan started our experiment.
We poured the sprite into a medium cup. Then we put 1 raisin in the cup Slowly. we watched the raisins
bounce up and down like a rabbit.


  1. It was so cool watching the raisins go up and down as they collected bubbles that lifted them up and lost bubbles on the surface that made them sink.

  2. Hi there Platinum my name is Dakota and I go to Kawakawa Primary School. I really like how you and your partner added your guys predictions and observations to this blog post. This reminds me of when me and my friends did this rocket tube experiment a couple of years ago. But I can't see the video so if you could fix that it would be amazing. Come check my blog out well done and happy blogging :)